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brian fisher

brian fisher

I'm in Love With Halo - One Direction Parody

2y ago


iTunes link coming soon! Share the halo love! Like this? Like us! I'm in Love with Halo - a music video parody of the One Direction song What Makes You Beautiful STARRING: Tj Smith - Nak3d Eli - Michael Davis, Brian Fisher, Ryan Tellez & Michael Schroeder of The Warp Zone - Neighbor - Elamite - Music by: Taylor Lipari - Lyrics by: TJ Smith - George Norberg - Vocals by: TJ Smith - Ryan Tellez & Brian Fisher of TWZ Cinematography by: Michael Schmidt George Norberg Editing by: Michael Schroeder Special Thanks: Conor Robinson (for being a badass Master Chief) Braden Dempster - The Warp Zone -