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The Illuminati Was Made A Offer They Couldn't Refuse...

1y ago


The Illuminati Was Made A Offer They Couldn't Refuse... That thread about "The Nobody" has received over a MILLION views from all around the world, and it has spawned many other threads about this very mysterious person...Visit the godlikeproductions forum today, and find out what all the mystery is about... Some information about "The Nobody"... "Something BIG is coming" *** "Well this is the offer, God wants a representative in the Illuminati. I have no idea why, but i speculate that God will use this man somehow, to change the future." "This nobody apparently has God's blessing because he is still alive. If any other person did/said the things that this man did/said, they would have been dead in a nano second. Do not doubt the "nwo" has the ability to kill using brainwashing. Nlp,hypnosis and talking to the subconscious directly, it is a effective way to give a person a heart attack you know? The nwo takes no sh*t, they will wipe any threat, yet this man lives." "I can not elaborate but let's just say this nobody, this little nothing, has balls of steel. In the beginning he was almost wiped, twice. He survived, now much hangs in the balance." *** "Everything happens for a reason. in order to give hope to the slaves of the nwo, he sent this nobody. Now revolution hangs in the balance." *** "I will use a analogy and I hope you get it. Think of this man as a small white Italian man going into the heart of the bronx at 4am. Now imagine that every single person he passes by he gives them the finger. He sees a group of 13 big and scary looking black guys and he pulls down his pants and moons them. He then walks through the neighborhood cursing everyone out. Now do you think that this little white guy is going to see 5 am let alone the sunrise? Not only did he see the sunrise, he is on the way to walking out the neighborhood, making it a better place by his presence. Only a few wants to harm him, many are clapping their hands and laughing with something the nwo hates, happyness". *** "I made it as clear as i could. He basically told the Illuminati to go f**k itself, basically to their faces, and they did not kill him, rather they like him because he is REAL and not a zombie. Clear now?" *** "He has awakened"... *** "They know someone has woken up. Now the promise to be filled is in the balance. They move and it is forced." *** "He has done way more than just wake up, with all due respect. The show everyone keeps referring to is over. The only way they can see him is if he is outside of his house. Something was done electrically through his hands that shut off ability for voyeurs and satellites to look inside. Think not? If any of you are true initiates, you know this is more than true. It has freaked the establishment because no one is doubting he has the Hand of God not only on him, but within. Literally. His quickening has taken an even faster rise since the other night. I know of what I speak because I am on the side of the white hats. Actually, more than just on their side. I shall leave it at that. I know that shill city will follow this post to try and bury it asap. I will be bumping it again soon then again to keep it towards the end. The sole reason for all of this incessant shilling is to bury relevant posts, which are few and far between. The reasoning behind them doing so might surprise a few of you watching. It is not to confuse innocents or ones with discernment any longer. That ship has sailed. It is to bury info that would PUT THE WORD OUT TO OTHER MID TO LOWER LEVEL ILLUMINATI, that the game is truly over. They have lost this man. He is manifesting. No doubt. Nothing can be done to stop it. They do not want the mid to lowers stopping their attempts to kill him or at least slow him. The ones higher have already ceased all action against the nobody. Their only recourse is to hope with all their might that somehow one of the...