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4y ago


Canucks Playoff Song: After releasing our most recent video "Canucks Playoff Song (Gotye - Somebody I Used to Know) Parody" on Saturday night we received an immediate response from the local media. We did an interview with CTV Sunday afternoon which led to us getting a spot on the CTV morning show which is depicted in the first part of the vlog. Later that day we got an email from CBC asking Matt to do an interview with Mark Kelley. If that doesn't seem crazy enough as we were leaving the CBC building we were approached by a news reporter who requested a final TV interview. We would like to thank the fans of IFHT and the Canucks because without you none of this would be possible! Pretty surreal to say the least. Connect with IFHT --- SUBSCRIBE TO IFHT! Watch our VLOGS AND BLOOPERS! Follow us on TWITTER! Find us on FACEBOOK! Follow us on INSTAGRAM! @mattdennisontv @jlucs