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space lab

space lab

"If we aren't the one to rise, who is?!"

4y ago


This is a video compilation by Goodboy, a Chinese netizen on The clip showcases some of the major technological advancements China has achieved over the past decade, which include the most recent space exploration sending 3 astronauts to Shenzhou-1 space lab, and manned submersible deep-sea diving at 7015-m record level. The latest Economist projection suggests China will overtake America in 2018, much sooner than year of 2027 projection by Goldman Sachs in 1999. According to a 2012 Pew poll, 91% of Chinese felt good about their country's economy compared with 24% in the US and 20% in Britain. But the road ahead is definitely long and uneven, but China and her people have the will and perseverance to continue to march down that way in order to become the great power they have always dreamed of. Chinese leadership has recently re-affirmed China's 15-year innovation plan. China has it as a goal to turn itself into a country of innovation by 2020.