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interactive media

interactive media

iBooks Author - Overview of the Toolbar

4y ago


The icons on the tool bar located at the top of window are pretty self-explanatory. To add pages to the project, click "add pages." A window will pop up and offer you the options of different slides that can be added (for example a Chapter or a Page) To the right of that Icon, there are three icons about how the document is viewed. Choose the orientation of the page by clicking on the horizontal or vertical pages. This is the way that the slide will be seen on the iPad. You can also change how you are viewing the window with the different options when you click "view." The next five help you design the actual page. To create text on the page, click text box and click on the slide. A text box will be formed in the middle of the slide for you to move around. By clicking shapes, you can create a design on the page. These will be solid colored shapes, like a heart or rectangle. Click "shapes" and a menu will appear with a list of shapes to choose from. Pick one. Click on it. Then use your mouse to create the shape on the slide by clicking anywhere on the slide and dragging the mouse to fluctuate its size. By clicking Table you will be offered a pop up to input the dimensions of your table, then you can click and drag, like the shapes, to create its size. Click anywhere on the inside of the table to input the information. Like shapes, "charts" offers you an array of charts to choose from to best portray your information. A pop up window will appear for you to input the data used in the chart. Widgets are interactive media boxes that can be put into the publication. For example, click photo gallery. It will appear on your slide for you to place and resize. Then drag photos on top of it. To preview what you have created you must connect an iPad to the computer and click the Preview button. Click publish when you are finished, and the application will help you publish your final product. The inspector is the most helpful tool for editing how text or a widget looks. Click inspector and a box will slide out on the right side of the window. Each of the headings correlate with text or media on the page. Click one of your boxes to edit etc. with inspector. Media shows you all the media in your Mac libraries frim iPhoto, iMovie, or Photobooth. These can be selected and dragged onto the slide. The colors and Fonts buttons are easy to use. Click on the shape or text you want to change. Then click colors or fonts and make the specifications you would like. Make sure your text is highlighted. Lastly, to customize the toolbar with buttons you use often, choose view, and then customize toolbar. From there you will be able to select which editors you would like to see.