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bobby vinton

bobby vinton

I Love How You Love Me - Kauyer & Charles (duet)

4y ago


Hey everyone! So yeah, I got a hangout and do a duet cover with the one and only, KAUYER LOR! It was awesome and had a lot laughs. Had a great time! *just a little note* I remember her commenting my first video cover of this song. Said she would do a duet w/ me one day. That was almost a year ago and looky here :) Here's our duet cover of I love how you love me by Bobby Vinton, Phil Spector and Daniela Andrade's version. Quick thanks/shout out to Franni for lending us his awesome camera. Hope you guys enjoy it. *This was shot on Easter so HAPPY EASTER! Drop by and check out Kauyer's channel. She is very talented and funny :) SUBSCRIBE ADD COMMENT THUMBS UP -CharlesVang-