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I commentate varanas's 500th SpyParty game!

4y ago


SpyParty beta testers ( often ask me to play the big-round-numbers games with them, so I've played some 500th games and some 1000th games, and look forward to playing some 10000th games with some people (who will brutally crush me, that much is clear). varanas asked me to play his 500th, and it turned out to be a great game. I learned a lesson from myself...when I design a game where one of the themes is "making consequential decisions with partial information", I'd better pay attention to that theme while playing. Ignoring that loses me the game. A couple things I didn't notice in the game that you can see clearly here if you're looking for them: 1:20 - you can see the statue swap 2:42 - you can see him planting the bug on the Ambassador, then bailing too fast from the convo (this immediate bail I noticed in game, but I'd already psyched myself into believing I had plenty of time to be sure) I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do commentation, so this is a bit rough.