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honey boo boo

honey boo boo

♡HUGE Back To School Giveaway!♡ (Closed)

4y ago


Please SUBSCRIBE to become an OFFICIAL Glitter Critter! Hey Glitter Critters! YES! It's ANOTHER Giveaway! An all NEW Back to School Giveaway filled with OVER 60 pieces of Back to School supplies and glitterful goodies! This giveaway has been REQUESTED for the last few weeks now and of course, I have to deliver! All the Official rules and answers to your most common questions are below! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to become an OFFICIAL Glitter Critter before you get started because ONLY a Glitter Critter will WIN this grand prize! Thank you so much for watching and have a GLITTERFUL day! ***OFFICIAL HUGE Back To School Giveaway Rules*** *** IF UNDER THE AGE OF 18 PLEASE HAVE PARENT'S PERMISSION BEFORE ENTERING THIS GIVEAWAY BECAUSE IF YOU WIN, I WILL NEED YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS TO SEND OUT YOUR PRIZE!*** ***HOW DO I ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY?*** SUBSCRIBE to become an OFFICIAL Glitter Critter and leave a comment below answering this question: If you could wish for the PERFECT first day of school, what would you wish for? It could be WHATEVER YOU WANT! For Ex: Meet a cute boy/girl, meet new friends, make the team you tried out for, make a great first impression, you have your favorite teachers, you have your favorite classes and the list goes on and on and on! Please Like & Favorite this video to show support for this Giveaway! It lets me know you want to see more videos like this! Especially Giveaways! ALSO, PLEASE SHARE THIS GIVEAWAY ON YOUR TWITTER AND FACEBOOK! IT'S A GREAT WAY TO GIVE KIDS IN NEED A CHANCE TO WIN! ***HOW MANY TIMES CAN I ENTER?*** You may enter as many times as you like, but please make sure your entries are different each time! Spam is NOT good! ***HOW WILL THE WINNERS BE CHOSEN?*** The reason I say you may enter as many times as you like is because the giveaway WINNER will be chosen at RANDOM! So, the more times you enter, the better chances you have of WINNING! ***I LIVE IN ANTARCTICA!!!!!!! IS THIS A GLOBAL GIVEAWAY?*** YES! This most definitely IS a GLOBAL GIVEAWAY! I have shipped prizes to Glitter Critters that live in very remote parts of the world and THEY ALWAYS receive thier prizes! Location is NOT a problem! All entrants are welcome! ANNOUNCEMENT: The Back to School Giveaway will end on Friday August 31st and a RANDOM winner will be announced September 1st! Be sure to enter as many times as you like to win! Thanks so much! ♥ Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my second Glitterful channel "Bredazzled" for fun Behind the Glitter videos, Bloopers, Shopping Vlogs and MORE! Want your comment in the NEXT Glitter Critter Spotlight? Leave a nice comment on this video or my channel and you could see it in my NEXT video! C'mon Critter! Like me on Facebook! This is where I update you on new videos, photos and I do special Facebook Glitter Critter Spotlights! Don't forget to become an Official Twitter Critter! Follow me on Instagram at the username "GlitterForever17" Follow me on Pinterest: Music: The songs used in this video are from the following sources: iMovie Jingles DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored giveaway. All items being given away were paid for with my own mooonnnnaaaaaaaaayyyyy! Honey boo boo child!!! TAGS: glitterforever17 bredazzled huge back to school giveaway supplies haul desk tour "huge back to school giveaway" "huge summer giveaway" "back to school supplies" "school supplies haul" "whats in my school bag" "back to school desk tour" "School supplies" "big giveaway" "giveaways" "glitterforever17 back to school giveaway" contest entry