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Staff Picks

HSN: Matthew Willig / Buddy 6-2-12

4y ago


HOLLYWOOD SATURDAY NIGHT June 2, 2012 Host: MATTHEW WILLIG (Super Bowl Champion) Musical Guest: BUDDY Starring: RYAN CHURCHILL, DIANA COSTA, CURTISS FRISLE, LEIF GANTVOORT, NICK GRECO, DAN KANE, BILL KESSLER, JOSEPH LIMBAUGH, JEN PARKER, BRETT SHERIDAN, JAKE WEST, JULIE WITTNER Executive Producer: DAN KANE Producers: LEIF GANTVOORT, JOSH PAGET Television Producer: ELIOT HOCHBERG Created by: DAN KANE & LEIF GANTVOORT Sketch Director: LEIF GANTVOORT News Director: DAN KANE Artistic Director: LEIF GANTVOORT Technical Director: JOSH PAGET Head Writer: JOSEPH LIMBAUGH Staff Writer: JOSH PAGET Art Director: ROB WOOD Musical Director: JONATHAN GREEN Television Director: ELIOT HOCHBERG Camera Operators: GRAHAM JOHNSON, SETH SMIGELSKI, YONATAN MALLINGER, DUSTIN GARCIA Stage Director: MATT FOX Art Dept Asst: IAN TINDELL Teleprompter: MIKE VANDERHEI Set Design: LEIF GANTVOORT Set Construction: LEIF GANTVOORT, BRETT SHERIDAN Music Director/Title Theme/Original Music: JONATHAN GREEN Drums: CHRISTIAN MALMIN Title Sequence: ELIOT HOCHBERG Musical Sound Mixer: LUKE BURBA House Manager: GRAHAM JOHNSON DIGITAL SHORT Director: LEIF GANTVOORT Director of Photography: ROB WOOD AD/Sound: JOSH PAGET Editors: LEIF GANTVOORT PR & Host Booking: CHARLES RILEY PR Marketing/Promotions/Web Design/Development: ELIOT HOCHBERG Produced live in front of a studio audience at ACME COMEDY HOLLYWOOD, the HOLLYWOOD SATURDAY NIGHT TV Show features celebrity hosts, musical guests, and brand new sketch comedy each episode! For more information and to watch live, visit