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How Visual Cues Can Prevent Overeating

4y ago


How Visual Cues Can Prevent Overeating - as part of the news series by GeoBeats. We often use visual cues to stop eating like an empty plate or the bottom of a container, but having other noticeable signs to stop eating can also be helpful in curbing overeating habits. Cornell University researchers conducted a study where students were given a tube of chips to eat. Some of the tubes contained a few red chips placed at intervals between suggested serving size portions. Students who had red chips placed in their tube consumed an average of about 50 percent less chips than the students who had no red chips, even though they were not aware of why some of the chips were red. Brian Wansink, Director of Cornell’s Food and Brand lab said: "By inserting visual markers in a snack food package, we may be helping them to monitor how much they are eating and interrupt their semiautomated eating habits." There are many reasons why people overeat. One study shows that who you are eating with influences eating habits, and that people tend to eat more when dining with others than while dining alone. This may have something to do with trying to please the other person or make a good impression.