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How to Unjailbreak An Ipod touch 1G ,2G,3G or Iphone 3G,3GS

4y ago


Hey Guys, this is a video on how to take the jailbreak off of your ipod or iphone. Basically, you might have tried to do the basic "click the restore button in itunes" and found out that it didn't work that way. If it did work, great success, if it did't work, try this out! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL FIRMWARE THAT YOU DOWNLOADED FOR THE JAILBREAK ON YOUR COMPUTER! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FIRMWARE, download it here: Steps: 1) Plug your iphone/ipod in via usb. Wait for itunes to open up. If Itunes does not pop up, open it up by yourself. Your ipod/iphone may or may not be recognized by itunes, but its all good. 2) Once your plugged in and itunes is open, (ipod can be on or off), ** Hold the power button and home button for EXACTLY 10 seconds, then let go of the power button (chime or no chime, still LET GO OF THE POWER). Then keep holding the home button till itunes says you are in recovery mode. 3) Now, hold the shift key (if on PC) or the option key (if on MAC) and click on restore. Now you will be able to choose the firmware you wish to restore with. Click on the firmware that you have downloaded. 4) Now hopefully your ipod should be restoring. Once it has finished, SET YOUR IPOD/IPHONE UP AS A NEW DEVICE. If you got any questions PM me.