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How to Pit a Plum in Under 10 Seconds - CHOW Tip

4y ago


This technique for pitting plums from Spring Warren, author of The Quarter-Acre Farm, will come in handy when you need plums for pies, chutneys, tarts, or just eating! CHOW Tips are the shared wisdom of our community. If you've figured out some piece of food, drink, or cooking wisdom that the world has to know about, send us a message and tell us what you've got in mind! See all the newest uploads from CHOW with the Latest Videos playlist: Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter:!/CHOW CHOW on Facebook: ======================================================== TRANSCRIPT This is the fastest way to pit a plum. Slice along the diameter of the plum. Twist. You take the piece with the pit. Slice it again around the circumference. Twist. One more cut. One more twist and there you go, a plum pitted in about eight seconds. This is a great time saver if you have a lot of plums to pit for chutney or a tart.