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How to Make Your Own Chick-Fil-A (Insanely Fast Rapping)

3y ago

Description // // PRODUCED BY MICHAEL "SEVEN" SUMMERS. RECIPE: 2 CHICKEN BREASTS HALVED PEANUT OIL 1 TABLESPOON OF HONEY BUTTER 1 TABLESPOON OF MALTED MILK POWDER 1 TABLESPOON OF ICING SUGAR 1 EGG 1 HALF CUP OF MILK 1 HALF CUP OF WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 1 HALF CUP OF ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 1 TEASPOON OF DRY MUSTARD 1 HALF TEASPOON OF PAPRIKA 1 HALF TEASPOON OF BAKING SODA WHITE VINEGAR TO SOAK PICKLES LOTS OF PICKLE JUICE 1 TABLESPOON OF RICK SANTOUROM'S BLOOD WHOLE WHEAT BUNS MEDITERRANEAN SEA SALT BLACK GROUND PEPPER (FRESH) Instructions: Soak chicken breasts in pickle juice for 30-45 minutes Rub with paprika, salt and pepper In one bowl mix the milk, egg and a little water In another bowl mix the icing sugar, dry mustard, malted milk powder, flour, baking soda, salt and pepper as desired (I use about a tablespoon each, but adjust as you like) WHISK BOTH BOWLS TOGETHER Heat up PEANUT OIL in Dutch Oven to 325 degrees. DO NOT GO LESS OR MORE THAN 325 DEGREES. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. It MUST be at 325 degrees. Use a thermometer to ensure this happens. Take chicken breasts, dip and turn in egg mixture. Then dip and turn in powder mixture. Make it nice and coated. Really roll that bitch around in there so it's covered in sticky, adhesive fry mixture. Fry in 2-3 inch high peanut oil for 5 minutes. Wait til nice and golden brown and yummy. Toast wheat bun on honey butter until a lil crispy. Place fried chicken breast and a few pickles you soaked in white vinegar on. Enjoy!