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How to Make a Peach Vinegar Shrub - CHOW Tip

4y ago


Have some overripe fruit lying around?'s Suzy Brannon has the answer: a vinegar shrub. CHOW Tips are the shared wisdom of our community. If you've figured out some piece of food, drink, or cooking wisdom that the world has to know about, send us a message and tell us what you've got in mind! See all the newest uploads from CHOW with the Latest Videos playlist: Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter:!/CHOW CHOW on Facebook: ======================================================== TRANSCRIPT Shrubs, or drinking vinegars, are popular right now and everyone's using them in cocktails. One of my favorites is a Peach Basil Shrub. Here's how I make it. Take a pound of peaches. Pit them and cut them into approximately one inch pieces. Place the peaches in a non-reactive bowl and mix in a cup of sugar. Make sure everything is coated thoroughly. Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge for two days. After two days you'll see that the liquid has been pulled out of the fruit. Stir in a cup of white wine vinegar and add about ten basil leaves for a subtle hint. If you'd like the flavor to be more pronounced, just add more basil. Then cover it back up with plastic wrap and let it hang out in the fridge for another seven to ten days. After that, strain the mixture. Pout into a container and cover it tightly with a lid. There's your shrub. You can combine one part shrub with two parts soda water for a non-alcoholic spritzer or put it into your cocktail. Shrubs are a great way to preserve any kind of bruised or overripe fruit and you can store them in the fridge for up to six months.