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How to Join Swiftors Games and Videos or just watch live!

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The live show takes place at To find out when my show is live: Follow me on Twitter: Get on the mailing list: Follow my Twitch channel: And of course, sub this channel! I post videos announcing I'm live sometimes. My current schedule is every Saturday starting at 10 am until 6pm eastern. I play a lot of games, so you will definitely see games other than Call of Duty - maybe an RPG, or adventure game, or Draw Something. To get into my 360 games, during the show, before I begin CoD, I will let you know a unique keyword of the day to send to my gamertag, Swift Inc The first 17 people to send me that keyword, get an invite to join the game, but they have to join quickly, I don't wait very long before I start inviting others in line. And yep, that means you do no not need to friend Swift Inc in order to play. To get into my PS3 games, thats a bit different. We create a new PSN name everytime we play - I give out the new PSN name, and you have to friend them as fast as you can - the first 17 people to friend the PSN account get an invite. You can delete that PSN friend later, because we'll never use it again. We use a fresh account each time. Any other questions? Ask in comments, I'll add it to this section. We generally play these on the 360: Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3 Black Ops We play MW3 on the P