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Staff Picks

How to GET OPEN (Part 2) using "L" Cuts! Moving Without the Ball (Basketball Tip)

4y ago


FACEBOOK: TWITTER: GOOGLE+ SUBSCRIBE and tell your friends: -------------- Today's video is a QUICK TIP about GETTING OPEN when you don't have the ball. This video will show you one way to MOVE WITHOUT the BALL and get yourself open to receive the pass. We call this technique a "L" Cut! Please Check out all of our videos and send Shot Science to ALL of your Friends and Family! JOIN OUR TEAM and help us grow!!! See you next week!! -Coach Tom TUTORIALS Playlist: QUICK TIPS Playlist: --------------- Find us here: Our Website: GOOGLE+: Tumblr: Facebook (JOIN our TEAM): GET our DOWNLOADS for Vertical JUMP and MORE: Twitter: -------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT THESE PLAYLISTS FOR VIDEOS ON: Shooting -- How to shoot a basketball: Dribbling -- How to dribble a basketball: Offensive Moves -- How to beat the defense: Defense -- How to play defense: Layups -- How to shoot a layup: Post Moves -- Playing in the Post: Drills -- How to practice and basketball drills: Vertical Jump -- How to Jump Higher (Increase Vertical Leap): -------------------------------------------------- Shot Science -- YouTube NextUp Class of 2011