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Staff Picks

How Startups in Emerging Markets Can Lead a Sustainability Movement: Simran Sethi

4y ago


In a conversation with Wamda contributor and founder of GEDS Business consultancy Gulay Ozkan, journalist Simran Sethi explains how startups in emerging markets can adopt a more sustainable approach that will increase profitability, and why startups in emerging markets have a chance to be more innovative when it comes to developing sustainable. "In order to be sustainable, you have to be creative... innovation is inherently a part of sustainability thinking," she says. "I think startup companies are absolutely well-positioned to take the lead in this area, because they are more agile, because they are smaller outfits that have a greater opportunity to perhaps in new ways, develop products that are new, [and] create different ways of differentiating themselves in the market." Sethi is known for teaching and reporting on sustainability, environmentalism, and social media for social change. She was named "the environmental messenger" by Vanity Fair and a "top ten eco-hero of the planet" by The Guardian.