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How Courses Work at New Charter University

2y ago


You can access New Charter University's accredited, university level courses for free by joining our learning community. Here's how our courses work, start by finding out what you already know by taking the initial assessment. This 5 to 10 minute quiz gives you personalized feedback about what you already understand, and what you'll want to work on. You'll see a readiness meter, which will help you track your learning in each course. This will grow as you demonstrate knowledge. Each unit ends with a review to test and solidify your knowledge with quizzes, exercise, and other learning resources. Enrolled students use this to decide when they are prepared to take the exam or do the project required to pass the course. If you chose to enroll, your progress is recorded and waiting for you to earn college credit. We're excited to welcome you to our learning community, and can't wait to see what you'll accomplish! Join our free learning community now at