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How the banks are screwing you - Marcus Mc Keown on Newstalk

4y ago


Marcus Mc Keown's book is an "awakening to the hearts and minds of the people of Ireland" and explains how money is an illusion and you can be debt free. Description • The money game is a game of illusions • Nobody owes anything to the banks as no one borrowed anything from the banks • The legal system is set up to protect itself, not you • When it comes to the banks, right and wrong have no place in the Irish court system • You are free and you can change everything, no exceptions • The banks are only as strong as you are afraid This is a book about freedom - looking beyond limitation and speaking the truth. It is a book that speaks of the power 'we the people' have to change our reality and create a new life experience. For too long the people of Ireland have been slaves to one system or another. We have worked in the hope and belief that our efforts would be rewarded with opportunity and a chance to enjoy the gift that is life. So what happened? 'We the people' of Ireland are once again being evicted from our homes, run from our land and left to fend for ourselves as all we have worked for is taken from us and used to prop up the illusions of someone else's idea of what should be. The greatest sadness that 'we the people' now face is accepting that the Government have turned from the people and are the new oppressors, the greatest challenge we now face is remembering that we are free and the greatest joy that awaits us is the experience of claiming that freedom and changing the experience of life from what has been forced upon us to that which we dream of. The time has come for the people of Ireland to take a stand. It is time that we say to the banks 'sorry, no more money'. This book is a call to action; it is a call for the Irish People to stop paying the banks in order to create change and leave our children with a legacy worth having, a legacy of freedom. Marcus McKeown lives in Co. Meath, Ireland. He is a leading expert in the field of Personal Leadership, Self Empowerment and Spiritual Development and spends his life helping people to see beyond perceived limitations. Marcus knows that the great-est challenge facing society today stems from the fact that peo-ple have forgotten who they are and what they are capable of achieving. Marcus has studied extensively in the fields of psy-chology, philosophy and theology. He is a Master Coach and has also trained as a commercial pilot under the FAA in the USA. Marcus believes that we are entering a time of immense change from which a new understanding of life will emerge and from which we will discover a new way of living.