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Hot Wheels Sets INSANE New Stunt Record

4y ago


First up, they threatened it for weeks and now the Dish network has officially dropped AMC from its lineup. Dish's contract with AMC expired in June and they're claiming that it's too expensive to renew compared to the viewership they get in return. Um, yeah, cause no one's watching Mad Men, The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. Something smells fishy. AMC quickly suggested that the move was motivated by another unrelated lawsuit between the companies. Tsk tsk. All we know is that there's gonna be a lot pissed off Walter White fans on the Dish Network if things don't change before the Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad this month. If only there was a way to get content that wasn't controlled by large, manipulative corporations... Next up, Apple can finally scratch one legal battle off its lengthy list of courtroom controversies. The technology titan can now legally use the name iPad in China after a lengthy battle with Proview, a company who had initially trademarked the name for desktop computing. A Chinese court recently sided with Proview saying they shouldn't be bound to an agreement made with Apple under false pretenses. This lead to iPads being pulled from shelves in what is considered a critical market for Apple. Mainland China is not only a gigantic consumer of tech products but their manufacturing side is an essential part of Apple's growth. So Apple's biting the bullet and forking over 60 million dollars for rights to the word iPad. All they have to do now is sell an extra 120,000 tablets to get their money's worth. Oh wait, they just did.,2817,2406585,00.asp And finally, we love us a good stunt and Team Hot Wheels did not disappoint during this year's X Games. First they built a six-story tall replica of their Double Dare Snare toy track for kids, and renamed it Double Loop Dare, then they sent two drivers into the loop at the same time! The driver's entered the loop at about 52 miles per hour and were subjected to 7 Gs of force as they went around. After that they peeled towards a jump and came down safely on a landing platform. Not only was that some damn good entertainment, but the team walked away with a new Guinness Record for the Double Loop. Viral Video of the Day: