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old fashioned

old fashioned

Hot Summer Garden Survival Tips

4y ago


Is it hot? I said IS IT HOT?? I can't HEAR you!! It's insanely hot at this time of year (100 degrees and 90% humidity here) and you can just imagine the toll it takes on your garden. Plants are jumping ship like rats on a burning raft but it doesn't have to be that bad. Grab a snow cone or a snow cone...or if you're out of snow cones you can just grab a snow cone. Grab your cone of snow and join me and Rascal in the garden for some wonderfully useful tips, tricks and good old fashioned common sense to help deal with the heat of the season and to help prevent your garden from having a really bad hair day. As a special treat I will show you some gardening failures that can be turned into smashing successes! It's not magic but it is most definitely a good day in the garden so take a minute from your busy day and join me ok? Don't make me come to your house with a bucket of ice water because I will! (insert stern face). Join me on Facebook!