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Hope by GeeStax

4y ago


I made this video to share a very important story of my life with the world. It shows my struggles after my wife decided to get divorced and how I started to face this challenge. You always have two ways to go on. You give up or you start to fight. You will see which path I chose for myself. I wanna thank some people for helping me do this: First I wanna thank Emilio "Millie" Dosal for being such a inspiration and making me do this video. I also wanna thank my friend Sascha and his wife Madita for the ideas and the videography. And last I wanna thank all my friends, supporters and my fans for pushing me this far and giving me the strength to get this done. Special thanks to: My wife Lizzy for the best time of my life and making me the man that I am. You are and always will be a big part of me. Boyce Avenue for doing such a great version of "We found love" YOLO so MaD YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE so MAKE A DIFFERENCE Live Love Life