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Hooligan Lawyer assault client (lawyer named Tan Hui Chuan or H.C.Tan) [Pls help to spread this,TQ]

2y ago


Lawyer forced client (myself) to sign paper-documents without letting client to read the content, client refuse to sign without being able to verify the documents. The lawyer impatiently shout at client face then straight away charging himself towards client and kicked client like a boxing sand-bag, after that he has repeatedly pushing the client's shoulder. He even challenge myself to lodge a complain against him in Bar Council, he claimed he have a reputation everywhere within Malaysia. I have been told by a reliable source this hooligan lawyer is ranked No. 5 Court Case Lawyer in Malaysia (with such attitude I really cannot believe it, maybe he is bluffing), from the same source also i got to know he normally helps Datuk/Datin/Ministers for court case proceedings. ** THIS IS A FORCED PANEL LAWYER FIRM FROM RHB LOAN, IF NOT I WILL USE THIS LOUSY LAWYER FIRM ** Lawyer details: H.C. Tan & Zahani, Advocates & Solicitors, Suite 18.5, Level 18, Menara Genesis, 33 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have lodged a police report @ Kajang Police Station, but sad to say the Police Inspector told me this is a property selling/purchasing issue, she cannot do anything with the lawyer, she can't detain him, she can't issue a warning for him. This is what my tax-payer's money paid for. I have also spent about 4 hours in Kajang Hospital for the medical inspection.