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Hong Kong With Another June 4th Wave?

4y ago


Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: The Hunan activist Li Wangyang, who was in jail due to miscarriage of justice, died unexpectedly after being interviewed by Hong Kong Television. His death raises another June 4th wave, and accidently changes Hong Kong's political atmosphere. Hong Kong's Yazhou Zhoukan reports that establish-camp politicians seen as "Royalists" appeal to Central government to investigate Li Wangyang case thoroughly. The report says, this reflects the pressure to establish-camp officials from Hong Kong's public before the election. Events of defending human rights in mainland China closely interrelate with Hong Kong's atmosphere. Many post-80s and 90s citizens become the main force of fighting for the vindication of June 4. Hong Kong's parade had many new faces, like post-90s scholars of Chinese University of Hong Kong Student Union, Lingnan University Student Union, and Tertiary institutions of social concern group from the Institute of Technology. 100,000 People Sign Names to Request Investigation of Li Wangyang Death The network "Beifeng" organizes an activity called, "Request for Investigation into Li Wangyang's Death." They hope to get 100,000 signatures before July 1, the 15 anniversary of returning Hong Kong, as to exert pressure on Beijing authorities. By noon on June 16, Hong Kong station had 30,000+ people, reaching 40,000 with the online participants. The prospect of getting 100,000 signatures for investigation of the true cause of Li Wangyang's death seems optimistic. National Security Are Not Allowed to Involve in Any Li Wangyang Events Hong Kong's Ming Pao reports that the suppression of Li's family and friends is escalating in Shaoyang. Some of them are arrested, the whereabouts of others are unknown. His sister and sister-in-law are missing for days. His friend Zhu Chengzhi has been in custody for 10 days. Many Hunan Province activists have been questioned by local branches of the State security these few days. Human rights activist in Shaoyang said, the local security came to his house early in the morning to ask questions. They wanted to know about if Zhu Chengzhi's gathering of people to go to Shaoyang for Li's death commemoration. The public thinks Zhu Chengzhi's situation may get worse. He may end up in a labor camp or be prosecuted. The subdue of Li Wangyang's case is not only in Shaoyang. According to reports, many human rights activists in China have been questioned by the State security. They are asked not to participate in any activities in commemoration of Li Wangyang's death. Beijing human rights activist Wang Lihong, sentenced to jail for almost a year last year, was told by police on June 15th, that she can't go to Shaoyang to see Zhu Chengzhi. 《神韵》2011世界巡演新亮点