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single person

single person

Homemade tattoo gun.

4y ago


This gun actually works and is easy to make, unlike many of the other ones you'll find online. and please, do not bitch at me about diseases, and passing hep a, b, c, HIV, etc. because I know the dangers, and I avoid spreading things like those to the best of my abilities. so honestly, just fuck off. MUSIC--- 1st song: Motley Crue: Too fast for love 2nd song: Motley Crue: Starry Eyes ---------------------------- UPDATE 1/31/12: This video is from 2007, I haven't responded to a single comment on here in years, I hardly ever check on this video anymore. I can't say I really condone homemade tattoos now, but just to clarify that after doing a couple hundred tattoos between 07-09, there has yet to be a single person with any complications or issues that were detrimental to their health. On that note, thought I'd save everybody commenting some time and let them know this really is not as dangerous as the claims they're making, if you're smart about it. Anyone that's going to do this, just don't be an idiot. Use common sense, do a little research, educate yourselves. Use your damn brain and I'm sure you'll be fine, just remember that tattoos ARE actually permanent. As far as the quality of the tattoos go, good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good. Simple as that!