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Hollerado - Lonesome George

4y ago


I read about Lonesome George a few years ago and instantly fell in love with him. For over 30 years he was the only remaining tortoise of his species. One day I was thinking about how brave he is to face this world all alone. I started imagining the day, long ago, that his tortoise girlfriend died, and with her the last hope of avoiding extinction. George must have been very sad on that day. This song is about George learning to let go, a lesson we will all have to face one day. When i heard this morning that George had died, i was sad, but also happy for him. Maybe he will reunite with his love, on some sandy beach in another universe. (hopefully without humans!) We were not going to release this song yet, but we kind just had to do it for George. I edited this slideshow myself, so sorry about that part. Here are the lyrics LONESOME GEORGE talk slow my love this weary heart don't hear so good we sleep all day so we can love through one more night Don't wait. When its time for you, To walk, brave, into the dark And I'm low in this world for a while. Walk over me. Walk over me. You got no way You got no way to break my heart You got no way You got no way to break my heart You got no way You got no way to break my heart cause its mine, and it knows, your are everywhere. walk over me. walk over me.