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reagan youth

reagan youth

HOGAN'S HEROES - USA 01 of 04 [Pro Sound] 1990

2y ago


part1 part2: GEORGE BARBERIO - Guitar JOHN CUCCINELLO - Bass TONY SCANDIFFIO - Drums SKIP HOEFLING - Vocals SETLIST: 00:00 Intro 01:20 First 03:59 Soul sight 05:56 Let's rock Drugs Dread or alive Mr.clean Stuck In a rut Better youth Built to last Breaking your rules encore: Last will HOGAN'S HEROES appear on about 14 Vinyl, CD, Cassette, worldwide compilations - some of the other people on these comps are JELLO BIAFRA, G.B.H., THE DAMNED, U.K. SUBS, REAGAN YOUTH, M.D.C.,KRAUT, J.F.A.(JODIE FOSTERS ARMY), + NO USE FOR A NAME, SAMIAM, ANTI FLAG, ect. sources: look up "Hogan's Heroes Band" at wiki:'s_Heroes_(band) VH1 -