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reagan youth

reagan youth

HOGAN'S HEROES - pt 1. pro sound - 1990 Trenton

2y ago


part1 HOGAN'S HEROES at City Gardens August 26 GEORGE BARBERIO - Guitar JOHN - Bass TONY - Drums SKIP - Vocals this show HOGAN'S HEROES gets Thee' encore Gorilla Biscuits were up next AUGUST 26 SUNDAY 1990 Intro* First* SoulSight* Let's Rock* drugs dread or alive mr.clean stuck In a rut better youth built to last breaking your rules encore last will HOGAN'S HEROES was formed between the beach and swamps in Toms River, New Jersey, October 1984. After recording a six song demo in 1985, Dave Jones AGNOSTIC FRONT booked their first show. In 1988 they were contacted by Nicky Garratt /UK SUBS and signed to New Red Archives Feb of 1989. During 1984-1993 HOGAN'S HEROES released three full lengths. - 1988 "BUILT TO LAST" produced by HOGAN'S HEROES and recorded 1987 at Waterfront(LENNY KRAVITZ, MADONNA, B.B. KING, SMASHING PUMPKINS, SLASH) Studios. In 1990 "HOGAN'S HEROES", produced by HOGAN'S HEROES & Ryk Oakley (SEX PISTOL STEVE JONES, KRAUT, UK SUBS) recorded 1989 at S & SAATCHI(SEX PISTOLS' STEVE JONES, KRAUT, BATTALION OF SAINTS' Chris Smith) Studios NYC, and "3 FISTS & A MOUTHFUL" 1992, produced by George Barberio recorded after summer 1991 at Ocean Gate(ALICE COOPER, NELSON) Studios. HOGAN'S HEROES appear on about 14 Vinyl, CD, Cassette, worldwide compilations - some of the other people on these comps are JELLO BIAFRA, G.B.H., THE DAMNED, U.K. SUBS, REAGAN YOUTH, M.D.C.,KRAUT, J.F.A.(JODIE FOSTERS ARMY), + NO USE FOR A NAME, SAMIAM, ANTI FLAG, ect. HOGAN'S HEROES material has been released for Twenty-Five (1985-2010) years in United States, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Japan and the world over. Illegally and legally on STRAIGHT-ON(U.S.A.), NEW RED ARCHIVES(U.S.A.), PHD(England), FLAVOUR(Japan), J!MCO(Japan), JICK(Japan), and CLEOPATRA(U.S.A.)record labels, illegal bloggers, worldwide friends/fans, sources: VH1 -