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guy ritchie

guy ritchie

$hεƦløcκ hølʍε$ | SuperMassive Black Hole (мυѕє) || COMPLETE

4y ago


This is my Sherlock Holmes's first tribute :) When I left the cinema last year I was so happy and joyful ! I was so happy and smiling ! This movie is just incredible&amazing ! Action, comedy, romance ! When I heard this music from the fantastic Muse, I knew it would be perfect for this movie ! But everything must be perfect, because perfect music: editing and effects must be perfect right ? And today I did it ! For me it's the most incredible work I've done for a video! I put all my heart and this is the result ! I hope you like it ^__________^ I'm really happy to see the second movie in December ! Guy Richie has done a great job, he has transcribed this goofy and charming character ! He deserved a new adventure, and I hope this is not the last, of this legendary duo ! By the way, I have included some pictures of the second movie (trailer) Fandom: Sherlock Holmes 1&2 - Guy Ritchie Music: Supermassive Black Hole - Muse