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HISTORY MADE: Mars rover Curiosity lands on surface of Red Planet

1y ago


NASA's rover Curiosity lands on Mars "NASA" Ufo Space Alien Aliens #MSL "rover Curiosity" "Curiosity rover" "Mars Odyssey orbiter" "MarsCuriosity" "Mars" NASA's first nuclear-powered rover Curiosity landed on Mars at 11 am (Indian time). Ahead of the landing, NASA said, "The Mars Odyssey orbiter is now in a position to listen and transmit back to Earth from Mars Curiosity during entry and descent." The Mars rover Curiosity is the most sophisticated mobile science lab ever sent to another world. Mission control engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles acknowledge that delivering the one-ton, six-wheeled, nuclear-powered rover in one piece was a highly risky proposition under the best of circumstances.