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ocean liner

ocean liner

"Highway To Hell" AC/DC John Langford Acoustic Music Available For Hire/Gigs

5y ago


Available Hire Acoustic Soloist Voice/Guitar, Singer/Songwritter or Freelance with backing band Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Restaurant, Corporate, Private, Weddings, Parties, Carnegie Hall, Concerts, Dedications, Benefits, Cathedral, Theatre, Brothel, Wake/Funeral, Yacht, Ocean Liner, Cruise Ship, Flights 747/Private and Just Because events. Please donate at the Paypal link on my channel. All donations small or large are greatly appreciated and a true blessing for world peace. Many of my belongings were stolen again, about 7 times now. I could really use some help folks. I do not make money out of thin air. I know I'm Jesus and all but I'm a lot like you, gots to have money to do as you do. Or, Please buy a "Take A Look" CD or Poster, I apologize that the four song CD "The Way You Looked" Sold Out! I think I sold ten copies:-). Maybe eleven. I won't be doing a second run on the "Take A Look" CD or Posters, so get your's while you can. I only have approximately 200 left or less. Please! before they get stolen like all my other stuff. I'll even chop wood if you got any. Love swinging an axe, Just leave me to it, I'll get her done! Bail hay even, throwin' it on a flat bed.