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Highest ever wingsuit jump - from 37,265ft!

4y ago


UPDATE - You can see more of Johnathan and his record jump here This breath-taking footage shows the moment a flying DAREDEVIL smashes four world records in one death defying 37,265ft high WINGSUIT jump. Jhonathan Florez, 29, broke a staggering four records in just one jump when he leaped out of a plane above Guajira, in Colombia, on April 20. Astonishingly, as he reached speeds of up to 100mph he smashed the record for the longest duration wingsuit jump - a whopping 9 min and 6 sec. Jhonathan had to battle through temperatures as low as -45 as he picked up the record for greatest horizontal distance flown in a wing suit - a mammoth 16.315 miles.