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High Intensity Muscle Building Workout!!

1y ago


For More High Intensity Workouts Check Out: Hey what's up Sixpackshortcuters... I just got back from the gym, and I decided to make a video for you guys to show you this High Intensity Muscle Building Total Body Workout! I hope you enjoy! What you'll need is a simple barbell and some weights. I even show how cheap it is to buy it on Craigslist or on Amazon. Here is the workout- *No Rest In Between Exercises Until You've Completed The Entire Round ⁃ Push ups (until failure) ⁃ Bent over rows (10 reps) ⁃ Military Presses(10 reps) ⁃ Barbell Squats (10 reps) ⁃ Barbell lunges (10 reps) ⁃ Barbell Curls (10 reps) ⁃ Tricep ext (10 reps) For a total of 4 Rounds!! There you go guys! This routine will add serious size and definition to your body... I challenge you to give it a shot! Oh and you must not go to the gym before watching this shocking free video or you will regret it!! p.s. Use this link to share with your friends: