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Higgs boson particle video news : Geneva Cern Laboratory

4y ago


Video news form Cern laboratory in Geneva to find Higgs boson particle: public domain youtube video by voanews. Automatic transcription (Experimental- Beta) and says largely drug collider is just a few years old but data streaming in after smashes subatomic particles together at your litespeed has scientists around the world excited university of florida professor jacobo code expert has contributed to stern's hunt for the heads goes on if they find it he says it would solve one of the most enduring mysteries a physics the mystery of mass in the universe is one of the most fundamental questions we have cutting spirit is not a question answer that fundamental question halfway around the world from the machine that is likely to find it his pouring through the results of the l_h_ series latest findings at the energy department's fermi national laboratory in suburban chicago in the control room directly linked to cern college prep watches test results and information he says the recent announcement by his colleagues in geneva pinpoints a specific location where the habeas is likely to existing if exist at all did number of cubans were expecting the data and his reason these higher than advocates wasn't there so people are very excited about the possibility that these could be the beginning of american if you will that basics but fermilab scientist robert browser greets the news with skepticism these are both kind of whitewater and fifty one hundred kind of probability but the fact that the fluctuate up to be a signal so not very compelling italia rose are visited the set laboratories in the days leading up to the announcement of progress in the search for the heads he says there is also caution in europe about with the latest results mean and there was no popping the champagne corks or both pretty much business as usual going out of their people were talking about there individual analyses and and what's going on they worked up they were giving each other high fives that we finally got the things that aren't quite so uh... i i think even in europe their the their their was that uh... they're postion you cannot did rule out that this and small excessive convinced he's from uh... well the processes that are mimicking the case so unfortunately at the moment the situation this incident and the u_s_ but the development demonstrates the l_a_ seized power it has eclipsed for relapsed have a trial exhilarated which went offline in september vilichu was meant to present their bertrand who was meant to eventually from the kids and and that they're not certain on this artist a lot of the techniques for searching for his interest to the use of the leasing there is still a chance that have a trial could yield results scientists are looking for though it's turned off rose ran his team are still sifting through data and expect to release their findings in march if it exists at all rose are expected to have a tribe or the illiteracy to find a expose on soon if it's there we will find it in in twenty four if it's not their will say that to work for people rogers says if they do find expose on scientist could spend the next several decades trying to understand it