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Staff Picks

Hidden Iran News: Freedom to Tortured 40 Million Turks in Divided South-Azerbaijan (Fake iran) Now!

4y ago


This video is NOT against Islam/muslims, it is only an example about the WORST ISLAMO-FASCIST & WORST DICTATORSHIP REGIME of the WORST ANTI-TURKISH & WORST REAL REAL REAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST and WORST RACIST FASCIST NAZI IRAN, one of the BEST ISLAMIC-TERRORIST PARTNER of the EVIL UNITED WESTERN/CHRISTIAN-ZIONIST & RUSSIAN & CHINESE TERRRORIST IMPERIALIST NAZIS = WORST ANTI-TURKISH & ANTI-TURKIC EVIL OLD & NEW WORLD ORDER MAFIA COMPANY! THIS IS THE HIDDEN TRUTH - all you faceless pro-Iran "Truth seeker" criminal NAZIS - THEY CREATED A BIG & FAKE & LIE & JOKE TOPIC ("IRANIAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS" ???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA) TO HIDE THE REAL REAL REAL PROBLEMS IN/WITH THE WORST DICTATORSHIP REGIME OF THE WORLD: IRAN - AND YOU LIKE ITTTTTTTTT - AND WE THE SYSTEMATICAL & SILENTLY & PERMANENT OPPRESSED & DIVIDED & MASSACRED TURKS ALL OVER THE WORLD KNOW, WHY !!! Woman arrested in Iran and imprisoned for three years, because she refused to wear a Islamic head scarf. After two years in prison she was then beaten and raped five times. You are a Slave and or the best Friend of the evil Old/New World Order if you only able to talk about the FAKE TOPIC/NEWS: "Iranian Nuclear Weapons" Because this TOPIC is a man-made FAKE TOPIC, made by the same SUPPORTERS of the evil nazi fascist fake Iran, the evil United Western/Christian-Zionist World Standard Mainstream LIE Media of the evil EU=USA CHRISTIAN-ZIONIST NAZIS, to save FAKE Iran's FAKE UNITY, escpecially against 35 Million divided South-Azerbaijan Turkish People = FAKE IRAN Iran was designed and stretched out to the North 100-150 years ago step by step, through the same evil Old & New World Order Mafia: The evil United Western/Christian-Zionist & Russian Imperialists, to CUT of the Turkic Civilization's historic & traditionally East-West (Silk) Road, Homelands and Eurasian Connection between Eastern & Western Turks. MILLIONS of ETHNIC & RELIGIOUS GROUPS in FAKE Iran want be FREE, for example over 30 million Turks, who live & lived and RULED over thousands of years, over and around today's FAKE Iranian territory but who today NOT ALLOWED to SPEAK own Turkic MOTHER LANGUAGE, using TURKIC NAMES and live own NON-IRANIAN-ISLAMIC-SHARIA BUT TURKIC CULTURE !!! ...THIS IS CALLED HUMAN & CULTURAL RIGTHS... ...SO WHERE ARE YOU, USA & EU & UN & NATO & NWO .. WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (IN IRAQ... AFGANISTAN... EVERY WHERE.. BUT NOT AT BESIDE REAL REAL REAL VICTIMS !!) FAKE Iran is the "WESTERN CHINESE WALL" agains Eurasian Turkic Civilization from East to West, from West to East, from the European-Turkic BALKANS, ANA-TOLIA to Siberia and stolen East Turkistan, it is/was always traditionally SILK-ROAD and HOMELANDS of the Turkic Civilization - RE-WRITTEN & DESIGNED & FAKED & CRIMINAL WSTERN/CHRISTIAN-ZIONITS STANDARD "WORLD HISTORY" BOOKS kURDS are ethnical Iranians/indians, so back HOME to Iran to your primitive and OFFICIAL PROVINCE kORDISTAN where you came from to TURKEY/ANA-TOLIA to LIVE BETTER, or shut up and be peaceful in Republic of Turkey, Syria and Iraq - OR, THE SINTI & ROMA GYPSIES HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO HAVE A MAN-MADE COUNTRY IN SOUTH/EAST EUROPE !!! kURDS are traditionally SLAVE Friend Terrorists of the anti-Turkic United West/Christian-Zionists & Russia & Iran, who want see the THIRD so-called kURDISTAN on the MAPS, beside the REAL EXISTING kURDISTAN in IRAN and NORTH IRAQ; also in REPUBLIC TURKEY, TO DESTROY THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY, AS NEXT, AFTER DESTROYING TURKISH-OTTOMAN EMPIRE: "!!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER !!!"