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alex charak

alex charak

Hey Arnold!: The Movie - Trailer (HD)

4y ago


SHARE: TWEET: Follow: Like: Subscribe! T-shirts: BEHIND THE SCENES: BLOOPERS: The official trailer for the live action film based on Nickelodeon's "Hey Arnold", starring Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Stinky, Harold, Grandpa, Grandma, Stoop Kid, Phoebe, and more! DRCOOLSEX makes comedy videos for the Nickelodeon and Nintendo generation! Behind the Scenes! E-mail: Call of Text DrCoolSex: (317) 426-6579 Individual Stuff: Alex: Dustin: Greg: Songs by Brian Sendrowitz - Miracle Flag (ASCAP) Bandcamp: FB: Twitter: Cast: Arnold - Alex Charak Helga - Hannah Elise ( Gerald - Shaun Diston ( Lila - Angela Dahl Stoop Kid - Greg Murtha Harold - Dustin Drury Phoebe - Jordan Chin Stinky - Rob Michael Hugel ( Grandma - Paula Taylor ( Brainy - Alan Starzinski ( Special Thanks to Danny Tenzer (, Irene, Tracey, Angela, and Cat!