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Henry Red Allen 1966 BBC speech-1 + 1935 Body & Soul (theme)+ 1930 Panama (audio)

4y ago


1966 BBC-radio guest Henry Red Allen who speaks about his life and exemplary records & work with the Luis Russell Band; George Lewis in N.O.; Jelly Roll Morton & Eddie Condon: 4/29/35 NYC., HENRY ALLEN & HIS ORCH. : Red Allen (t, v) Dicky Wells (tb) Cecil Scott (cl) Leon Chu Berry (ts) Horace Henderson (p) Bernard Addison (g) John Kirby (b) George Stafford (d): 1:06 from 3:07 BODY AND SOUL -vRA Vo 2965 (only several bars) 9/5/30 NYC., LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH. : Red Allen (t) J.C. Higginbotham (tb) Albert Nicholas (cl, ss,as) Charlie Holmes (ss,as) Greely Walton (ts) Luis Russell (p,arr,ld) Will Johnson (g bj)Pops Foster (b) Paul Barbarin (d) 3:17 PANAMA OK 8849 8/6/51 New Orleans, WDSU - GEORGE LEWIS & HIS NEW ORLEANS..ALL-STARS: Red Allen (t, v) Jim Robinson (tb) George Lewis (cl) Lester Santiago (p) Lawrence Marrero (bj) Alcide Pavageau (b) Paul Barbarin (d) 3:10 HINDUSTAN 11/13/29 NYC., JELLY ROLL MORTON & HIS RED HOT PEPPERS (LUIS RUSSELL´S ORCH.): Henry Red Allen (t) J.C.Higginbotham (tb) Albert Nicholas (cl) Jelly Roll Morton (p) Will Johnson (g) Pops Foster (b) Paul Barbarin (d) 2:24 JERSEYJOE #-1 Vi 23402 9/30/29 NYC., FATS WALLER AND HIS-BUDDIES: Charlie Gaines, Red Allen (t) Jack Teagarden (tb) poss .... Vikes, Albert Nicholas, Otto Hardwick (as) Larry Binyon (ts) Fats Waller (p) Eddie Condon (bj,g) Al Morgan (b) Gene Krupa (d) The Four Wanderers: Herman Hughes, Charles Clinkscales, Maceo Johnson, Oliver Childs (v) 2:31 LOOKIN´ GOOD BUT FEELIN´ BAD -vFW Vi V-38086 I hope any copyright holders will tolerate these documents in context with personal speech of a great performer. more details on