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The Henry Maneuver Butt Snuffs

4y ago


Czech us out on Facebook! The Henry Maneuver - Butt Snuffs (Original Tunage) THM would like to take this moment and introduce our goat skin maestro G Palm! Standing at 5'7" and weighing 155 lbs, he fancies the fine arts, morning jogs along the beach and evening champagne! Please show him some love, and if you're 18+, use your imagination! We also hope that in light of recent current events, everyone enjoy bath salts responsibly. Serious side effects may include paranoia, insatiable appetite and light sensitivity. Note: no Henrys, Nom Noms or G Palms were harmed in the making of this video. "The Henry Maneuver" is: Henry Kaldre -- Guitar ( Patrick Semesky -- Vocals (!/PellyMcPantsGuy) Geoff Palmer -- Drums (!/GpalmSandwich) Song Produced/Mixed by -- Derrin Ruschell: **Featuring gang chant extraordinaire Drewsif Stalin** HENRY'S GUITAR NOTES/TAB: