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mars society

mars society

Help Save NASA Mars Exploration Program - Mars Rovers - Humans to Mars find Ancient Alien Artifacts

4y ago


Obama has cut NASA's Mars Exploration Program, contact your local government representative and tell them to reverse this now, use the link on my site at: - just click-on the "Save NASA" text and use the Mars Society's instructions, thank you. I've gotten over 5,000 people to e-mail their local state representatives already and I'm just getting started!!! - (tags/keywords): mars rovers martian missions to phobos humans to mars cydonia hoagland exploring red planet greek god of war curiousity rover landing august 5th 2012 mer esa usa cape canaveral florida seti coast to coast russia ancient ufo artifacts waiting for humanity to discover them nasa banned video martian moon phobos monolith titans aliens gale crater pyramids ancient aliens city at top of mount sharp russian program stephenville texas roswell saturn moons titan life spacecraft ships alien city ruins mars rovers missions pyramids aliens ufos exploration program martian moon mission phobos monolith space flight update spacecraft rockets aircraft military briefing banned video coast to am new news today this week month nasa usa esa russian red planet life of greek god war ancient alien artifacts structures ruins rover landing gale crater - a mission should be sent to martian moon phobos to see what the monolith is just like buzz aldrin said - if not perhaps SpaceX could get private individuals and corporate funding to do the mission ??