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loose leaf

loose leaf

Heiruspecs Small Steps

4y ago


Heiruspecs since its not up here, and needs to be for listening pleasure As long as blood flows, I stay strong, it's possible inspired by the music I've been trapped within this pattern by choice It has long been my preference to keep, instead of trying to lose it so as much as I can, I use voice If I become as powerful as James Earl Jones Then I will be more mobile and possibly even be able to kill with microphones Until then, my bones and soul are all that maintain the role And folding slowly, make it, only my pen pay the toll. Now is the time Today is the day that the good lord has made Which enables me to rejoice in rattling the cage That holds my inhibitions and fears Distant yet oh so near I listen, but don't yet hear the whispers When ghosts shed tears So dear apparitions I give you my solemn vow, now To earn every bead of sweat on my brow Until the wet mask that I wear bears my soul When exhibiting the epitome of mic control You know the name of the game, Chasing the fame and wealth Trying to build a name while still trying to maintain self Your health is most important You should never forget This is supposed to be an outlet When I'm stressed out, I'm working I'm never perfect Jerk the pair while trying to write a masterpiece A feast for vocal chords To try and release I'm always reaching out for something But I don't know what it is I'm reaching out for that assurance Cause me, myself, I know that I write to live. I'm sick of this shit, This insufficient method of living is giving me a conniption Finger too tired to pause Too sick to quit The insidious system is rendering it's citizens Mentally indolent with tricks and senselessness I've been sent to Levitate verb, pitch, balance and purpose To kiss and dismiss villainous words on the surface of earth With her pursed lips Hence, giving the worthless A glimpse at the twinkle in the eyes of the observant And my momma said the elements that make me are the same ones that break me Let's switch around these elements and see where they take me I'm feeling more alive when I'm back by that break beat Accordingly, I speak out When I'm full of life my spirit takes me Through the mic and speaker flowing out With honesty, probably Cover insecurities with comedy, probably Cover up stupidity with comedy, probably Doing it, just as long as it's calling me Olly olly oxen free Strategically placed synonyms, riddles, and speaks Clothing unfolding To show those who don't know what flows bring Moments of personal clarity mixed with gloating That your hopes and dreams lay broken at my feet Like toe rings A spectacle of this magnitude can cause an attitude To switch hemispheres by a few degrees like latitude Not a statement for elevate my status, too I just happen to bear bad news, sad but true Do I get the finder's fee for finding me in my apartment Patiently waiting for nothing specific Just start in my rhyme book And starting Departing for punch lines Moving into stories and traditions Of real separatory magicians So if it works out I could be heralded instead of looked down on Inferiority complex is something that I frowned on, Clowned on, and make yourself into a bigger man Or con yourself as if following the lines drawn in sand The journey within Its not as simple to finish As it is to begin But hopefully me and my pen will be friends till the end My buddy, wherever I go he goes Wherever we go we show everyone that we are both equal Channeling devices of something higher than each of us We seem to touch the fingertips of the being that's reaching us Teaching us that weeping on loose leaf deepens the trust We need to be sure to hear the creator speaking to us Microphone (microphone) Table amplifier (broadcast) Feelings (building up) Emotions heighten (let it all last) The moment between thought and word eternal and instinct (developing quickly, like the growing of an infant) Microphone (microphone) Table amplifier (broadcast) Feeling...