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"A Heavy Abacus" by The Joy Formidable (FilmAid version)

4y ago


Please donate to FilmAid today: Please follow us: FilmAid presents an inspirational music video, based on the hit single 'A Heavy Abacus' by indie rock band The Joy Formidable, and directed by award-winning filmmakers Paola Mendoza and Topaz Adizes. Paola and Topaz spent a month volunteering as Visiting Teaching Artists for FilmAid in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya. While in Kakuma, they were inspired by the strength of the people they met and decided to make a video starring young Sudanese refugees. Paola and Topaz - in collaboration with the community - shot this gorgeous video in just three days, using one camera, two light reflectors, and an iPhone. Credits 'A Heavy Abacus' by the Joy Formidable Directed by Paola Mendoza and Topaz Adizes Cinematography by Topaz Adizes Edited by Topaz Adizes & Jeremiah Zagar 2nd Unit Director Rodrigues Kennedy 2nd Unit DP Dennis Munene Assistant Director Moses Lujang 2nd Assistant director Marwan Sadik Community Liaisons Manahil Hassan & Bakhita Achemi Special Thanks: The Joy Formidable, Canvasback Music, EMI Music Publishing, The Juba Community, Kakuma Refugee Camp, UNHCR, Anthony Muteru, John Wandera, Andrew Otemba, Dennis Munene, Victor Ombonya, Paul Kuchal, John Tutlow, Stella Suge and Liz Manne. © 2012 FilmAid. All rights reserved. --- 'A Heavy Abacus' - song lyrics Here we are bending feet In the dark before dreamless sleep Cloaks that spot, that shiver, that breeze Throws you in the dark Happiness it won't last long And this child behind stores it all The failed man's curse and the cost Of nonchalance Thank you sly watchful gene A plastic life up my sleeve If you've followed this far you've realised nothing Now your world is here Watch it disappear Abacus haunting me Abacus watching me And it all plays out And it always comes around The message fades but the mess prevails You reckless thing leaving you in our hands Abacus haunting me Abacus watching me All we have is this chance called memory --- "A Heavy Abacus" as written by Rhiannon Bryan, Rhydian Davies Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing