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manned mission

manned mission

Heart of the Comet: Book Trailer

4y ago


Prescient and scientifically-accurate, Heart of the Comet was known as one of the great "hard sf" novels of the 1980s. The novel, published in 1986, coincided with the last return visit of Comet Halley to Earth. Heart of the Comet tells the story of an ambitious manned mission to visit the comet and alter its orbit in order to mine it for resources. Their discoveries soon include a deadly viral lifeform that decimates the crew. Gregory Benford and David Brin have revised and re-issued their bold collaboration novel about our near future in space -- as humanity stakes its destiny on becoming a People of the Comet. This vivid trailer should give a taste! With cover artwork by Patrick Farley, Bob Eggleton, and Fred Gambino, as well as NASA images. For more information: David Brin: Gregory Benford: Heart of the Comet is available as a trade paperback: Kindle: Nook: Other e-formats available: Book trailer by Cheryl Brin