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"¡Heads Up! Distraction Can Be Fatal." | Toronto Police Pedestrian Safety Awareness PSA

4y ago


"Heads Up! Distraction Can Be Fatal" Toronto Police Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign PSA. (1:26) Part 2 of 3. Pedestrian safety is an issue that affects ALL Torontonians. Walking is great exercise, and a convenient and effective way to traverse our city. We are ALL pedestrians at some time of day. However, walking in the city of Toronto sometimes comes with a terrible cost. Each year in Toronto, many pedestrians are injured and killed on our roadways. In 2011, a total of 2101 pedestrians were struck, 18 of them fatally. In nearly half of these cases, the pedestrian was at fault -- not the driver of the vehicle. Tragically, many of these collisions were avoidable. In a world where we are bombarded daily with information from electronic signage and personal communication devices, it is easy to overlook devices that are designed to keep us safe while walking: crosswalks, traffic lights, pedestrian signals, and posted signs. The Toronto Police Service is concerned about the increasing level of pedestrian distraction, and dangerous pedestrian behaviours that can result in serious injury, and death. The Service would like to remind the public to exercise caution, and remain alert at all times, while walking on sidewalks and roadways and especially while crossing the street. The Toronto Police Traffic Services Unit has created a pedestrian safety awareness campaign, which will run during the month of June 2012, entitled "¡Heads Up! Distraction Can Be Fatal.". The campaign consists of three Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos, created by the Toronto Police Video Services Unit, as well as a social media messaging campaign throughout the month of June. The PSA videos demonstrate various types of dangerous pedestrian behaviour, as well as corrective information provided by uniformed officers of the Toronto Police Service. The goals of the awareness campaign are to: -increase public awareness of the issue of distraction, inattention, and poor decision-making exhibited by some pedestrians -raise awareness of the dangerous and often fatal consequences of these risky behaviours. -promote safer pedestrian behaviour through education -encourage better communication and understanding between pedestrians and drivers -reduce incidents of pedestrian injuries and fatalities For more information, please contact P.C. Clinton Stibbe of Toronto Police Traffic Services at: 416-808-1928, or