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Haxed By Megahurtz (GamePLAY Trailer)

4y ago


This is the Game PLAY Trailer for Haxed By Megahurtz Haxed By Megahurtz is a game I created for the Nintendo Wii: Haxed By Megahurtz is the tale of a demented green bubble-blob, named Minibyte, who was happily taking a nap in cyberspace until he was heartlessly haxed (in the literal sense) by a trolling squad of Megahurtz. Bleeding vital data, and in a general frenzy, Minibyte embarks on a murderous eating spree. He must chow down as many Megahurtz as possible to prevent critical data loss before all of his 1's and 0's leak into oblivion and he finds himself undone. Forever. An "algorhythmic sound toy" developed for the Wii, Haxed by Megahurtz is a tripped-out low-fi pixelated music-video-as-game based on a dynamically generated soundtrack that is mixed during user interaction. Violating the senses with random images and non-linear audio the game simulates a virtual LSD trip unfolding in cyberspace as player interaction generates wave after wave of seizure inducing e-psychedelics. It also poses the question; how would music of the future "look" in light of the interactive revolution?