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project i

project i

Happy Birthday Grav3yardgirl Crayon Drawing!

1y ago


So, I love Grav3yardgirl and her birthday was yesterday, so I decided to use her as the subject for a project I'd been wanting to do for awhile anyway - make something with cheap kid's crayons! What I learned... they smudge easier than you'd expect (I made a few smudges as you can see in the video. Oops :( ), it's both easier in some aspects and harder than you would expect. And curly hair is THE DEVIL'S WORK with this media! Haha! Anyway, so this is a little thanks and happy birthday to Bunny, even if it's late. I hope you/she likes it! Twitter: Tumblr: If you happened upon this video and don't know who she is, find her here! :) Music from fellow youtuber who makes royalty free music, for FREE! Harder to come by than you would expect. You can get youtube-useable tracks of all genres here: