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the dash

the dash


4y ago


Take a look at the personnel file of a Columbus police officer accused of beating a man arrested for drunk driving. The alleged assault was recorded by the dash-cam in the officer's police cruiser. Mary Jedlicka provides a detailed step-by-step walk through the video assisted by an independent analysis of what the dash-cam lens captured. The video shows Charles Shotwell handcuffed in the back seat of a Columbus police cruiser, being driven back to his mothers home on Argyle Drive in East Columbus. The Columbus Division of Police reports arresting Shotwell for drunk driving. Because his heart rate was too high, Shotwell was turned away from the Franklin County Jail. Police officers then decided to take him home instead of to a hospital. "Alright, come on out," an officer is heard saying to Shotwell in the dash-cam video. When Shotwell steps out of the cruiser, an officer hands him a summons. "Alright, your court date is set for October 2," a police officer says. Police say Shotwell then crumpled and tossed the warrant to the ground. The officers then re-arrested him for littering. "I don't want to fight." At this point, people inside of Shotwells mothers house see the cruiser, hear the commotion and wonder whats going on. "Ah man, kick, kick, do you see that kick?' Shotwells cousin claims he saw Shotwell being beaten, but was too scared to show his face. The cousin says he worried about possible retaliation for speaking out. "We are hearing arguing, but we aren't understanding what he's saying. Then the next thing is they attacked him."