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Halo 4 - RTX Multiplayer Discussion w/ Pro Player Goofy & Bravo

4y ago


Check out some of my other Halo 4 videos! Halo 4 - Gameplay + Commentary - Halo 4 - Forge Mode Details - Halo 4 - Loadouts Explained - Halo 4 - Gameplay + Multiplayer Details - Halo 4 - First Ever LIVE Commentary - Halo 4 - SeaNanners' First Gameplay! Halo 4 - Where to Pre Order? - I get dressed up all fancy and interview Goofy after he played Halo 4. Topics: Firepower (carry TWO primary weapons), sprint, my robe, vehicles, primary weapon balance, grenades, room service, food, hardlight shield, thruster packs, and more! Enjoy! Please like, comment, and subscribe for LOTS more Halo 4 action from RTX and San Diego Comic-Con in the coming weeks! Special thanks to 343 Industries, Rooster Teeth,, and Microsoft. TAGS: Halo 4 - RTX Multiplayer Discussion w/ Pro Player Goofy & Bravo halo 4 rtx 2012 rooster teeth expo bravo goofy bravomlg mlg discussion robe walshy pro first impressions 343 industries halo 4 e3 walshy first multi player games hands stop stealing my tags on hands-on first look multiplayer campaign reveal trailer pro mlg tv e3 2012 electronics entertainment stop gameplay room service expo booth xbox live best footage actual best man the halo council gandhi neighbor bsangel railgun weapons new wrapround haven map four 4 spartan armor customization "first gameplay" scattershot scatter shot assassination best op 10 top e 3 e three major league gaming shibby gamespot game spot trailers informer montage stop stealing my tags spartan ops gameplay stealing info news information details analysis breakdown headshots machinima the game station first game my missions how to beat spartan ops strategy mission week ask me about halo 4 bravo vlog channel update roxio game capture free giveaway unboxing review yt:quality=high "Halo" "Reach" Halo 4 Halo4 four info information new leaked footage gameinformer game informer leak trailer 343 multiplayer multi platyer player gameplay multilayer multplayer e3 "e 3" expo electronic entertainment expo halo 4 e3 e3 halo 4