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michael myers

michael myers

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (9/12) Movie CLIP - Family Reunion (1998) HD

4y ago


Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe John (Josh Hartnett) and Molly (Michelle Williams) briefly evade Michael Myers (Chris Durand), only to lead Michael right to Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis). TM & © Miramax Films (2012) Cast: Chris Durand, Josh Hartnett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Williams Director: Steve Miner MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Buy Movie: Producer: Malek Akkad, Moustapha Akkad, Paul Freeman, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Williamson, Cary Granat Screenwriter: John Carpenter, Robert Zappia Film Description: Laurie Strode, now the dean of a Northern California private school with an assumed name, must battle the Shape one last time and now the life of her own son hangs in the balance. "halloween h20 20 years later","josh hartnett","jamie lee curtis","michelle williams","chris durand","steve miner","door videos","gun videos","key videos","knife videos","mask videos","rock videos","window videos","cult horror",horror,"slashers and serial killers","teen screams","harvey weinstein","bob weinstein","cary granat","kevin williamson","moustapha akkad","malek akkad","paul freeman","family videos","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++163083,/m/03cqsk8,/m/01kgv4,/m/0hwqz,/m/03mp9s