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H+ Episode 1: Driving Under

3y ago


Watch from the beginning: Subscribe to H+: The Digital Series on YouTube today! Dive deeper into the world of H+ The Digital Series: EPISODE 1: "DRIVING UNDER" San Francisco, USA - 5 minutes before it happened Prologue: Fragments of news reports show a future world as it adopts H+: a radical new way to be connected to information and each other through only your thoughts, via a high-tech implant. While the breakthrough is hotly anticipated by the masses, it is a change not easily adopted by its discontents. We segue to a couple parking their car in an underground airport garage. The husband, Lee, surreptitiously watches a football game on his H+, upsetting his wife Julie who wants him to drive safely. Their domestic squabble is interrupted by a bizarre spectacle throwing their world into chaos. Like us on Facebook: ‪Follow us on Twitter: Hang out with us on Google+: