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ten days

ten days

A Gypsy Robe for Rachael Endrizzi - Camp Florida Rep Director

4y ago


A Gypsy Robe is traditionally given to the hardest working crew or cast member on Opening Night of a production. The honored member is entitled to wear their robe as a badge of honor for the remainder of the show. Well, Rachael Endrizzi is most certainly the hardest working member of the Camp Florida Rep team. She's slaved away day and night to lead kids 6-16yo to create full musicals in a span of ten days... and she does this repeatedly all summer long. She has inspired the kids in her camp to go on and achieve new heights, to believe in themselves in ways they never had before, and to discover that had work, diligence and practice all pays off in the end. I was really honored to be approached by some of the students' moms with the fantastic plan to create a Gypsy Robe for Rachael. The kids collected camp shirts from throughout the years, each with a logo for a different camp show. The moms took pictures from each of the performances and ironed them onto fabric. Yards of beautiful fabric were purchased, and a good friend of mine who is roughly Rachael's height stood in for measuring. After roughly 13 hours of cutting and stitching, the robe was complete and ready to present to Rachael just before the performance of the final 2012 Summer Camp show, "Godspell," by a former camper, Kelly Fay.