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a smile

a smile

Smiley Chris - The Fighter (Ron Paul Remake) ft. Gym Class MUST SEE HD

4y ago


FULL UNCENSORED VIDEO: I admire so many people in the Liberty Movement. They have inspired me greatly. This is a little tribute to all those who have fought tirelessly day and night against friends, family, and foes in defense of the principles of liberty. Our FIRST iTunes song!!! Put one of your devalued, fiat, dollars to good use and support liberty music production!!! Thanks! Ron Paul Supporters please help me spread this video EVERYWHERE! Ron Paul is the only person running for president who can possibly save our nation. Thanks!!! RON PAUL 2012!!! - Smiley Chris America is sick... and dying. We need a doctor to bring us back to life! Sad to say, but without Ron Paul as Commander in Cheif, we're screwed! Demo CD Available Now!!! My Dream Album: Revolution Raps By Smiley Chris 1) America's Choice: Liberty or Death feat. Brain Halton 2) Everybody Needs A Little Love 3) We Need a Doctor (Ron Paul 2012) 4) The Legend of Alex Jones 5) Freedom is Popular 6) Life is Unfair... Get Over it 7) Red Pill Revolution 8) Dear Maria (Advice For My Little Sister) 9) We've Got a War to Fight 10) It Started With a Smile 11) Running Against the Wind 12) Good Health, Good Life Please donate to my "Chip-In" if ya can to help with the costs of instrumental production and mastering for my songs. I have begun the official recording process with the first track "America's Choice: Liberty or Death" and it is pretty darn costly. If my calculations are correct, its going to cost about $2400 to get the songs recorded on original instrumentals. If you are able to make a donation and would like me to send you one of my newest demo albums in the mail please let me know at: Thanks for listening and helping out if ya can! Ron Paul 2012 Facebook: Chris Halton Facebook Artist Page: Smiley Chris